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Tekek is big enough to be considered the defacto capital of Pulau Tioman. Tekek is located along a 3 kilometer bay at the island's central west-facing coast and is the third stop if you're coming in by ferry. It's also your halfway point if you're bound for Tekek's antipodal village on Tioman's east coast, Juara, because you need to drive cross-country from Tekek to get there.

Tekek has seen a fair bit of development over the years and currently boasts a decent urban infrastructure, complete with plenty of retail shops, eateries, a school and even a bank of sorts (including ATM). Tekek also has a concrete road and motorised traffic in the form of mopeds and cars, mostly jeeps.

What's more, Tekek is the proud owner of Tioman's airport, as well as two more recent additions, the Marina and the new Immigration Complex. Tekek's other draws are its duty-free goods and numerous accommodations catering to various budgets. And let's not forget the dense verdant jungle that offers Rafflesia, waterfalls and copious wildlife, as well as the great snorkeling to be had at Tekek's Marine Park and Pulau Renggis, in particular.

Tekek is also the jumping board to Tioman's many scuba diving sites, so if you're keen to scuba dive in Tioman, Tekek is the place to find the better dive outfits.

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