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Privacy & Data Protection

Tioman Feri was founded in 2010, and is part of Insites Net Design Pte. Ltd, registered and based in Singapore. Our Malaysia branch is located in Mersing.

Insites Net Design Pte Ltd are committed to protecting the privacy of its customers. This Privacy Policy applies to this domain (www.tiomanferi.my) as well as www.tiomanferry.com and www.tiomanferry.com.sg, as well as all other internet domains that are managed by Insites Net Design Pte Ltd.

Insites Net Design Pte Ltd and Tioman Feri will only use the information collected lawfully, i.e. in full accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Insites Net Design Pte Ltd and Tioman Feri require you to submit personal details including names, addresses and payment details to successfully make a ferry travel booking.

Your credit/debit card details are used only by your credit card company and/or PayPal.

Certain booking details are retained by Insites Net Design Pte Ltd and Tioman Feri to enable us to amend, cancel or update your booking. We do not divulge your personal information to any third party except in the following circumstances:

In order to provide a successful ferry travel service, we are required to send minimal details, such as your name (along with the names of other party members), to our operators in Mersing and Tioman to formally record your booking. We do not pass our operators any other personal details.

By completing a booking with us, you agree to receive a confirmation email shortly after the completion of your reservation. This email comprises your travel details, along with other information that is useful for Mersing/Tioman ferry travelers.

Our website uses "cookies".

You can also email us at info@tiomanferi.my. Or call/whatsapp us on 014-822 7742 (Ferry departure times).

You may also click here to access our online contact form.

Insites Net Design Pte Ltd and Tioman Feri maintain affiliate partnerships with several other service providers to whose websites there may be links on this website.

When clicking on one of these links, you leave this website. In light of this, you may want to review the privacy policy of the website you are going to, as their privacy policy and terms and conditions may be different to those listed herein.

Insites Net Design Pte Ltd reserves the right to amend or modify this privacy policy statement at any time and in response to changes in applicable data protection and privacy legislation.

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Tioman Feri

Mengapa tempah secara atas talian?

    Mengapa tempah secara atas talian?Pembekal tiket feri Tioman yang rasmi.
    Mengapa tempah secara atas talian?Bayar menggunakan kad kredit atau Paypal - pilihan anda.
    Mengapa tempah secara atas talian?Pengesahan tempat duduk anda secara pantas.
    Mengapa tempah secara atas talian?Pantas dan selamat.
    Mengapa tempah secara atas talian?Tiket fleksibel.
    Mengapa tempah secara atas talian?Bantuan telefon meja secara percuma.
    Mengapa tempah secara atas talian?Tempah seawal yang anda mahu. Tempahan anda dijamin.
    Mengapa tempah secara atas talian?Kami diluluskan dan disahkan oleh PayPal sepenuhnya.
    Mengapa tempah secara atas talian?Perlu membatalkan tiket? Terima duit anda kembali.*

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