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Salang is located at the northern end of Tioman. To get here by ferry, you'll need to get off at the ferry's last stop - the one after ABC.

Salang is known amongst the young and young-ish backpacker crowd as the place to be for fun under the sun. And fun under the moon too, given that Salang offers excellent nightlife; its pubs and lounges frequently playing Jamaican-inspired background music. Salang's mellow ambient beats and beach bonfire tradition make for a decidedly happening atmosphere.

But due to its proximity to many of Tioman's great dive sites, Salang is pretty much Scuba Central too. From Salang, small scuba-outfit-owned sampans filled with divers fan out across to Coral Island, Chebeh Fan Canyan, Batu Malang and other reefs around Tioman several times per day.

Salang has a decent range of budget hotels located along its beach and clustered in its countryside. And even though there are a few small family-run provisions stores and eateries, Salang is not exactly developed, so if you like a charming rural scenery and plenty of untouched rainforest, then Salang is for you.

The sea at Salang is clear, warm and shallow and the beaches are as beautiful as they get. Monkey Bay and Monkey Beach are Salang's show-stoppers, so do visit these.

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Feri Tioman

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