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Paradise Promotion at Japamala

JapaMala's philosophy of preserving nature in every sense of the word has inspired the very concept of 'rustic-luxe' design: simple elegance that balances comfort and convenience, while many of the Sarangs have private plunge pools and wooden sun decks, all air-conditioned, equipped with WIFI access, iPod docks, DVD player and cable TV, full mini bars and Espresso machines.

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Plants, animals and land have been
disturbed as little as possible. It's been our goal to...

Browse the unique variety of Villas, or Sarangs as they're known in Malay, that are on offer. Once you've set your mind on one particular sarang, simply click the "Inquiry" link and let us know your dates and number of guests in your party. We'll check availability and send you a complete quote for your stay, including transport from KL or Singapore to Mersing and ferry ride to our very shores.

Treetop chalet

Perched high above the luxuriant jungle canopy, these chalets are secluded yet situated only a short walk up from the beach. These rooms offer an entirely different resort experience, in fact their very proximity to nature make these chalets so keenly sought after. Here you'll find the noise of the jungle predominates; the soft rustle of windblown leaves; the chirping of crickets and birds; and the foraging of wild creatures at night. Book here...

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...build around nature - to respect and
preserve the inherent beauty of this...

Seacliff chalet

Perched high on the edge of the Mountain or Cliff or Hill with the turquoise lagoon right below, be mesmerized as you soak in the views of the South China Sea. Each chalet is unique and offers an unobstructed view even from the shower room. A day-bed built on the balcony over the cliff is designed for one to either laze around and day-dream or drift idly by on the ebbing tide and catching the balmy breeze, or simply marvel at the sight and soak up the luxuriant energy. Book here...

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...destination; to coexist with all who dwell here.
Great care has been taken to....

Jungle luxe

Our Jungle Sarangs are 'nests' tucked away on the lower terrain of the resort. They're adorned with an open-air bath tub with the rainforest as its backdrop, hidden enough to allow total privacy. A spacious private living area good for dining, sunning or simply relaxing, you will be forgiven for never venturing out of your nest. The Sarang is distinctively designed for the total experience of living comfortably in the jungle without foregoing the finer things in life. Book here...

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...minimize any environmental impact.
No rocks were moved, no trees were cut down...

Hillside plunge pool

These Sarangs that come with plunge pool are split-leveled rooms with an additional TV on the ground level which serves as a family area. Tall glass windows open to breathtaking views of verdant jungle vistas where the Sarang nestles high on the hillside. These 'love nests' also come inclusive of a number of private features - a cliff, both indoor and outdoor showers, timber deck and a tanning bed. Worthy of special mention: Stunning views of the jungle, divided only by a glass pane in the shower room. Book here...

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...As a result no two Villas are the same.
Each is unique - taking on the character of the...


There is only one such villa of this kind at JapaMala currently. Secluded and romantic, this villa evokes a dreamlike state filled with opulence and adventure - a distinctive ambience that relaxes yet inspires. This 'love nest' rests on a low terrain and is built with an adjoining kitchenette, a small dining room and a semi-outdoor lounge with a conjoining dip pool with your own timber sun deck to laze about all day gazing out to sea. Book here...

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...land upon which it is built.

Penghulu's house

Resting on the beach, The Penghulu's House is the resort's only 2-storey-2-bedroom villa. Sitting on low terrain, this modern village-house has the jungle at its doorstep and the seashore, its backyard. While ancient-aged boulders fashion the interior, the rustic-style rooms are furnished with the modern comforts of an urban home. Tall glass windows envelop the villa, nakedly displaying the wonders of nature that surrounds it.

The Atas Residence (main bedroom) offers the luxury of a vast living space which opens out to a spectacular view of the sea.

Guests staying in the Bawah Residence (ground floor room) have direct access to the private swimming pool, just steps away from the foot of their two single beds. The Penghulu's House has many little comfort zones where one can sprawl, nap or daydream all day long. Book here...

Welcome to Japamala...

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