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Wakeboarding Tioman

Given the awesome aerials you see when someone is having a good time wakeboarding, it's no surprise to hear that wakeboarding is one of the fastest growing watersports in the world.

And with this growing popularity has come a number of new innovations and new ever more radical ways to ride. What better way to perfect all your moves on water that is smooth, yet challenging enough to be a blast.

Getting some air off Juara, Tioman
Getting some air off Juara, Tioman

If you've been itching to pick up wakeboarding in Malaysia, but feel a little hesitant to pay the hefty fees for just an hour on a river, lake or pond, most of which you'd spend in the queue anyway, then come to Tioman for a weekend of nonstop wakeboarding action.

Wakeboarding in Tioman is like wakeboarding in paradise. The mostly calm and turquoise-colored seawater around the island is a sheer delight to ride on, not only because it's a comfortable 30 degrees but also because of its gin-like clarity.

Tioman's waters tend to be flat, making it ideal for wakeboarding classes
Tioman's waters tend to be flat,
ideal for wakeboarding classes

The water here is so clear, you'll feel like you're wakeboarding in a swimming pool. In fact, there are areas near Kampung Juara, on Tioman's East Coast, where you can actually see your own shadow fleet along the corals below. Mesmerizing.

If you like flat water, tell your boat driver to head out to the south of Juara Bay. This patch is in the wind shadow of the Southern Juara cove and thus is very calm, excellent for smooth speed runs and easy wake-riding.

Tioman's flat water makes for great wakeboard hot-dogging sessions...
Tioman's flat water makes for great
wakeboard hot-dogging sessions...

If, on the other hand, you like the more bump-and-jump type of wakeboarding, then head out to the middle of Juara Bay, because this stretch is more exposed to the sea breeze. You won't get big chop perse, but the wind does push in some pretty regular swell to play on or use as a ramp.

We also conduct beginner wakeboarding classes with a personal approach and at a fair price. Our powerboat is a top-of-the-range wakeboarding speedboat and all our wakeboards are user-friendly, though if you have a board of your own, by all means bring it, because nothing beats using your own gear. The ferry to Tioman has lots and lots of space and won't charge extra for bulky luggage items, so no worries about this.

... as well as straight line speed runs and boat wake-launching
... as well as straight line speed runs
and boat wake-launching

Naturally, we also provide all the necessary safety equipment. All you need to do is show up and have some fun. Here, at the eye-poppingly beautiful island of Tioman, we guarantee that you'll be spending most of your time on the wakeboard.

So get ripping. Fill out below form to reserve your wakeboarding slot.

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