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Wreck Diving in Tioman

Most people know that the island of Tioman is surrounded by a sea of some of the world's clearest waters. However, many travelers are still unaware of the fact that Tioman's waters are also rather peppered with spectacular ship wrecks of all ages and sizes that are ideal for wreck diving.

Explore Tioman's surprise-a-minute underwater world
Explore Tioman's surprise-a-minute
underwater wrecks

From ancient mariner vessel remnants to pirate world war cruisers and destroyers, all are living their second life below the water surface as a home to countless dozens of species of marine flora and fauna that are almost begging to be marvelled at.

And now, Tioman has a new wreck that was, quite literally, made for wreck diving. The former Royal Malaysian Navy warship KM Sipadan was scuttled just south of ABC Village in March 2012. This 30 meter long, 4.5 meter wide vessel has since wasted no time to become our newest fully-fledged wreck, drawing in new fish populations and an abundance of other marine life at its 30 meter depth.

KM Sipadan makes a perfect wreck diving site, especially if you're Nitrox certified since it allows for longer bottom times. Divers with Wreck Diving Specialty and/or technical divers can even penetrate the ship!

Other wrecks suitable for wreck diving within Tioman's waters include:

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