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Water-Skiing in Tioman

Contrary to what you may have heard, water-skiing is legal off Tioman. That said, you do have to make sure that the waterski team that you have selected takes you outside the Tioman areas that are gazetted as marine parks. They should know where the safe areas are to waterski. Make sure you don't find yourself water-skiing within any of the protected areas, because you could be water-skiing yourself into trouble.

Happiness is waterskiing in Tioman
Happiness is waterskiing in Tioman

Now, assuming you're the right zone, you'll find that water-skiing around the warm tropical waters of Tioman is simply awesome. The water here is so clear that you may well see your own shadow fleet along the sandy bottom below you while you're ripping it up. And don't worry about jellyfish, because they're quite rare around Tioman.

Double waterski ski or mono, both are fun in the sun
Double water ski or mono, both are
fun in the sun

A few safety points to keep in mind:

1. Always have at least 2 people in the boat - 1 at the controls and 1 keeping an eye on you.
2. Always wear a flotation device.
3. Always agree to your hand gestures, so the people in the boat know what you want to do.
4. Never exceed the speed that you're comfortable with.
5. Don't waterski when the waves are too high.

As for the skiing equipment, you can bring your own ski(s) or opt to rent the ski equipment from the waterski team that you've decided to go out with.

Having a water blast in Tioman
Having a waterski blast in Tioman

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