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Tennis in Tioman

Is tennis just a recreational pastime of yours or a daily routine that, without exception, must be part of your usual schedule? Whatever your craving level for the game of tennis, it's good to know that you won't have to go without so much as a single game while staying in Tioman, because there are tennis courts aplenty. If you know where to look.

And since the tennis courts in Tioman offer flood lights too, you won't have to worry about finding a gap in your busy daily holiday schedule for your tennis fix, because you can practice your ground strokes after sundown just as well as during the day.

Tennis in Tioman. Life's great!
Tennis in Tioman. Life's great!

Tioman really is the best of both worlds: Perfect paradise beaches with awesome snorkeling and lazy R&R during the sunny daylight hours and a pleasant spot of enjoyable tennis with your partner under a cool starry starry sky.

Tioman's tennis court surface is hard-court, so please bring suitable tennis footwear. Also, please wear appropriate tennis attire, preferably light in color.

Decent tennis courts with floodlights to boot
Decent tennis courts with floodlights to boot

To book your tennis courts contact Berjaya Resort.

Please note: Tennis court hire fees may apply and are payable directly to the hotel.

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