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Tec diving in Tioman

The majority of international travellers are by now aware that Tioman is surrounded by a crystal-clear sea. But apart from the great numbers of regular scuba divers, tec diving aficionados from around the world are drawn to our waters in particular, because Tioman offers awesome reefs, of both the real live coral and the artificial kind, that are ideal for tec divers to explore.

Explore Tioman's surprise-a-minute underwater world
Explore Tioman's surprise-a-minute
underwater world

The reason some of our deeper reefs are a major draw for tec divers isn't only because of the wealth of underwater wildlife that inhabit these sites, but also because of the sites' year-round mild water temperature and currents.

Tec Diving:

What is tec diving? Tec diving is a form of scuba diving that goes beyond the more conventional recreational scuba diving boundaries, particularly when it comes to water depth and total time spent underwater. Whilst tec diving exposes the diver to higher risks than recreational diving, the rewards of tec diving are numerous.

Manta rays drop by every so often
Manta rays drop by every so often

It goes without saying that the prerequisites for safe tec diving are extensive diving experience, advanced training and specialized equipment, especially since tec diving may also involve breathing gases other than air or standard nitrox.

If you're keen to take up tec diving but you still have some doubts, then try our one-day DSAT Discover Tec Diving course. During this exploratory course, you get to try tec diving equipment and procedures whilst learning about its technical aspects, but without necessarily going whole-hog right away. Best of all, you can use your Discover Tec Diving experience as credit towards the DSAT Tec Deep Diver course.

A school of juvenile barracuda near Renggis
A school of juvenile barracuda near Renggis

By the way, unless you have your own tec diving gear already, we will provide you with all the required tec diving equipment.

Other tec diving courses offered include: Note: We also offer tec diving excursions to awesome WWII wrecks for qualified technical divers, whether singly or in a group.

For more details on tec diving, our courses or our trips, use below form. We'll get back to you right away.

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