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Tioman Project AWARE

Project AWARE 2021

Aquatic World Awareness and Responsibility = AWARE

Over two decades ago a group of PADI environmental advocates came to realize that the number and severity of threats being faced by the underwater world were becoming ever more dire. In an attempt to reverse this growing problem, the group founded Project AWARE.

Make a difference - join Project AWARE 2021
Make a difference - join Project AWARE 2021

Project AWARE, a non-profit organization, empowers each and every scuba-diver involved in diving, whether on a professional level or recreationally, and leverages the scuba-dive community's sheer numbers in order to make a change.

Marine debris is an ever-growing problem
Marine debris is an ever-growing problem

Project AWARE does this by educating divers and water enthusiasts about the global ocean issues and by encouraging participation in underwater conservation activities. Project AWARE's two main focal points are:

1. Species decline, particularly that of our sharks
2. Marine debris

Since Project AWARE's founding, more than 1000 dive operators and countless dive volunteers have committed to marine protection efforts worldwide.

Join us. Join Project AWARE!
Join us. Join Project AWARE!

Project aware 2021 package, in association with JB B&J Diving Centre

September 20th
- Reef cleanup at Spoi Island
- Beach cleanup at Coral Island
- Reef cleanup at Coral Island
- BBQ dinner

September 21st
- Reef cleanup at Last Frontier

Price: RM499!

Package includes:
1. Accommodation (twin/triple sharing)
2. Ferry tickets (round-trip)
3. Marine park fee
4. Dive gear rental
5. Three dives
6. BBQ dinner

To register, please email Grace. Or call 012 6231151.

Apply here - Ocean Action Project
Note: Images by Project AWARE

Some of the Project AWARE events in Tioman

FebrCrown of Thorns Cleanup
AprDive to Earth Day
MayTioman COT Expedition - Marine Park Celebrates World Ocean Day
24th AugCoral Nursery with NUS National University Singapore and Reef Check Malaysia
21-22nd SepProject AWARE International Coastal/Beach Cleanup Day
31 OctSeason closing crown-of-thorns reef cleanup

We need you to come and participate in these events in 2021. One dive at a time. In fact, we need as many volunteers as possible for all our cleanup events. You can make a difference by participating in one of our Project AWARE events. So don't hesitate and sign up now for 2021.

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