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Nitrox Diving in Tioman

International travellers worth their weight in salt tend to be aware of the fact that Pulau Tioman is surrounded by seas renowned for its extremely good visibility and its richness of its coral and exotic wildlife.

Scuba divers in general have known this, but increasingly Nitrox diving aficionados from around the world, in particular, are now also becoming drawn to our waters. The reason? Tioman offers spectacular reefs, both natural and artificial, that are ideal for Nitrox divers to venture into.

Explore Tioman's surprise-a-minute underwater world
Explore Tioman's surprise-a-minute
underwater world

By the way, just for info, Nitrox diving is the same as EANx diving, which is another term also used in the diving industry.

The reason some of our deeper located reefs are a major draw for Nitrox divers isn't only because of the extreme clarity of our waters and the abundance of marine flora and flora that inhabit these sites, but also because of the water's comfortable water temperature and relatively mild currents.

Why go Nitrox?

Nitrox Diving:

About twice a year, our Tioman-based dive center provides a fully-appointed comfortable diving vessel for an unforgettable 4-5 full days Nitrox diving trip to by far the best WWII wrecks in the Tioman area. The aim of these Nitrox Diving trips is to dive to 4 or 5 of the well-documented WWII wrecks, such as HMS Repulse and HMS Prince of Wales. And obviously, we aim to experience Nitrox diving at its most stunning.

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In order to be able to allocate as much of our daylight time to diving as possible, most of the divesite-to-divesite sailing will be done during night-time hours, just like the very war ships used to do that we drop down for a closer look below. Night time sailing was one of the oft-used approaches during the war to keep the ships from being spotted by enemy destroyers and submarines.

Nitrox tanks are marked conspicuously so as not to be mistaken for regular air tanks
Nitrox tanks are marked conspicuously so
as not to be mistaken for regular air tanks

In fact, for many of the divers who joined our Nitrox Diving trips, the unique experience of sailing Tioman's history-laden seas at night was the icing on the cake of some of the best Nitrox diving they had done.


For these Nitrox Diving trips, we require a minimum of Nitrox Diver Certification. Please note that our Nitrox Diving trips are frequently fully booked well in advance.

Nitrox tanks are marked consipcuously so as not to be mistaken for regular air tanks
Nitrox divers can go deeper and last longer

Use below form to inquire about our Nitrox courses or to get the detailed schedule of our next Nitrox Diving trip.

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