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Liveaboard Diving in Tioman

The waters around Tioman are crystal clear and teeming with flora and fauna. And its abundance of white sandy beaches and brightly colored coral reefs make Tioman a very popular liveaboard location.

Manta rays and whale sharks, ocean turtles and dolphins are spotted frequently enough to be able to claim that, together with Tioman's unparalleled water visibility, liveaboard scuba diving around Tioman rivals that of Sipadan, but at a fraction of the cost.

Apart from Tioman's awesome quality of diving and budget-friendly price tag, the other reason Tioman is a major draw for liveaboard divers is our renown dive sites' balmy water temperature and relatively mild currents.

Liveaboard Diving:

About twice a year, our scuba diving outfit arranges for a liveaboard vessel. We go out on an unforgettable 4-5 full days diving trip to by far the best WWII wrecks in the South China Sea.

Liveaboard Tioman, simply unforgettable
Liveaboard Tioman, simply unforgettable

The objective of these liveaboard diving trips is to dive to 4 or 5 of the historically more well-known WWII wrecks, such as HMS Repulse and HMS Prince of Wales, and to experience liveaboard diving at its most awesome.

In order to maximise our daytime diving, most of the location-to-location cruising will be done at night, much like the very Navy vessels used to do that we'll be visiting below, as their wartime crews tried to avoid visual detection by night watch personnel on enemy destroyers and submarines.

Tioman liveaboard: Diving fun by day, delicious food by night
Tioman liveaboard: Diving fun by day,
delicious food by night

In fact, for many of the divers on our liveaboard diving trips, the unique experience of sailing on Tioman's deep dark seas in the middle of the night was the icing on the cake of some of the best liveaboard diving they had done.

Various options:

For the record, our Liveaboard outings can be based around a long weekend, i.e. 3 days, 4 nights, or dedicated expeditions for those who have more time. These longer excursions can last up to a week.

If you're a hard-code diver but short of time and you just want to get as much water-time in during your days off, then opt for this Liveabord, because being sea-based, we'll blowing bubbles before you can say Tioman boleh :)

If you're a dive team and you want the vessel for yourselves exclusively, you can also charter the LOB vessel for your own personal liveaboard expedition, the ultimate LOB experience.


For these liveaboard diving trips, we require a minimum of Open Water certification. Please note that our liveaboard diving trips are frequently fully booked well in advance.

By all means use below form to ask for a detailed schedule of our next liveaboard diving trip and book early.

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