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Tioman Honeymoon

Are your nuptials right around the corner? Are you looking for the ultimate bounty island on which to spend your honeymoon? Then, together with that special someone, come and be enthralled by Pulau Tioman.

Newlyweds in Tioman
Newlyweds in Tioman

This exquisite honeymoon get-away island, surrounded by a turquoise-hued clear-as-gin sea and covered by dense emerald jungle, is so idyllic and so brimming with tropical mystique, that once you've experienced its unique spell, the mere mention of its exotic-sounding name will have you day-dreaming over and over again of the heady honeymoon days of just you and your one and only love.

Soaring high above the South China Sea, our dragon princess is enticed by Tioman's magnificent beauty clearly visible below and gracefully lands on the verdant paradise island in the crystal-clear sea.

Once her dragon prince hears of his beautiful suitor's arrival in Tioman, he, too, takes wing and joins his beloved princess. Reunited, by taking the form of the island, the smitten winged twosome pledge to offer shelter and comfort to all passing travelers for evermore.

Pulau Tioman is the ideal setting for a couple in love on their honeymoon. In fact, Tioman was once rated Top Ten Most Beautiful Island in the World.

Fun in the sun together
Fun in the sun together

And even Hollywood couldn't resist the romantic allure of Tioman's golden secluded beaches, which have now been immortalized in the 1958 blockbuster movie South Pacific, shot entirely on location in Tioman.

But in spite of the early discovery of Tioman's stunning potential as a one-of-a-kind paradise destination, most of Tioman's interior remains almost entirely uninhabited and surprisingly unexplored to this day.

In fact, you'll be hard-pressed to find more private beaches and secluded coves than here in Tioman.

The sun-kissed southern tip of Tioman, in particular, is the island's best kept secret and our nature-ensconced honeymoon retreat offers absolute privacy and luxury that will make your honeymoon the perfect lovers' Shangri-La.

Choose one of Tioman's finest Honeymoon Bungalows with sweeping sea view or indulge in a mesmerizingly gorgeous rainforest vista. And what better way to indulge than with a wonderful wellness treatment?

Whichever way you prefer to revel on your honeymoon, our exclusive oasis will have you in seventh heaven day and night, courtesy of the breathtaking visual delights provided by Tioman's simply dazzling natural scenery.

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