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Fitness/Gym in Tioman

Fitness junkies going to Tioman, rejoice! There's no need to worry about not being able to find a good fitness gym on the island. Tioman does actually offer a well-equipped and fully airconditioned fitness gym, comprising a decent collection of free weights as well as universal-type machines and, yes, excellent treadmills too.

Now, the free weights don't go into the hard-core bodybuilder territory exactly, but there should be more than enough for most fitness aficionados.

Tioman Fitness
Tioman Fitness

Best of all, you won't need to interrupt your pyramids or negatives routine, or, for that matter, your aerobic sessions, because the gym is open 24/7, so you can knock yourself out even when everyone else has already turned in for the night.

The fitness gym is located at the Berjaya Resort, which is located in the village of Tekek.

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