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Tioman: Company Retreats

Tioman's terrain and backdrop are ideal for hosting company retreats. Apart from our paradise island's easy accessibility and affordability, Tioman also offers excellent accommodation options, as well as solid logistics, both over-land and by sea.

And as a result of its great versatility, Tioman offers a variety of excellent company retreat-type activities, such as jungle-trekking, kayaking, beach-combing, beach volleyball, as well as a handful of ever-popular telematch games and competitions.

Another successful corporate event in Tioman
Another successful company retreat
event in Tioman

All hands on deck!

Are you looking for something very different for your company retreat? Are you looking to inspire your staff in a way that's fresh, fun and formative? Are you hoping to create a real one-team spirit amongst your employees? Then come yacht sailing off Tioman. We'll take your crew sailing along some of the most breathtaking beaches and coral gardens that Tioman has on offer.

Instil a one-team sprit in your team by crewing our yacht
Instil a one-team sprit in your team
by crewing our yacht

But real hands-on sailing a yacht requires solid team-work, confidence, assertive communication and a sense of unity. The crew, your team, has to operate like a well-oiled machine to maximize the power of the wind. In short, sailing a yacht independently instils your team with the very traits a great company possesses.

Telematch activities never fail to give results
Telematch activities never fail to give results

The jungle beckons

Do you prefer a land-based activity? Then have a go at our memorable Tioman jungle trek. Tioman is covered by a friendly rainforest that's positively brimming with life. Trekkers will come across a natural waterfall, Rafflesia, the world's largest flower, as well as countless flora and fauna surprises. Our jungle trek lasts about 3 hours and is quite manageable even for the not-so-fit.

One of Tioman's unique offerings: a jungle trek to remember
One of Tioman's unique offerings:
a jungle trek to remember

Still, our route has been laid out in such a way that some members of the group may find the going a bit tough, which more often than not results in words of encouragement and support from colleagues. And it's this that makes our jungle trek an effective company exercise, because it fosters a special camaraderie amongst participants - a camaraderie that's just the ticket for working as an effective - and collective - team in today's competitive corporate landscape.

Our accommodation for your staff: comfortable and affordable
Our accommodation for your staff:
comfortable and affordable


As Tioman is renown for its clear-as-gin sea, we recommend taking your staff on a fun snorkeling excursion during your company retreat. You'll find that your group members will radiate with glee at hand-feeding the innumerable fish that dart around Tioman's multi-colored reefs. Snorkeling is a great way to spend a relaxing few hours before or after your conference room presentation or round-table session.


If you want meals and drinks to be included in your company retreat package, we'll make sure that breakfast, lunch and dinner are served at suitable times throughout the day. This way, your staff will not only remain content during the various company retreat stages, but with tummies nice and full, everyone will always be ready to face the weekend's challenges.

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