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Tioman Banana Boat

Our banana boat is ready for take-off!

A banana boat is basically a long narrow inflatable tube, usually yellow in color, that is used for recreational purposes. Our banana boats can carry up to 5 riders quite comfortably and it's towed by a good-sized speedboat with plenty of power, as you will notice while you're riding it.

Banana boat ready for lift-off! 3... 2...1...
Banana boat ready for lift-off! 3... 2...1...

So you better hang on with all your might or you're going to take endless wet 'n' wild spills, because you can bet that our speedboat pilot will do his bestest to flip the banana and get you flying off the boat as often as he can.

Late afternoon fun on our banana boat
Late afternoon fun on our banana boat

A note for parents with young kids: Banana boating is quite similar to tubing, and riding in a banana boat is considered to be a safer activity than, for instance, water-skiing or other water sports that involving towing by a speedboat. Riding on a banana boat is generally safe to ride for kids 4 years and up.

Ready for the banana boat ride of a lifetime!
Ready for the banana boat ride of a lifetime!

Note: Riders should always wear life jackets for safety reasons.

If you'd like to take a ride in our banana boat, or want to rent it for your family, use below form to make an inquiry.

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