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Indulging in a spa massage, or any kind of wellness treatment, for that matter, feels great on a number of levels. Not only is having a regular spa enjoyable, but plenty of research has shown that going for a massage, a body scrub, or a scalp rub, actually has long-term benefits to mind as well as body.

In fact, the consensus amongst spa professionals and customers is that undergoing a spa treatment is no longer merely indulging oneself.

Tioman Spa
Tioman Spa treatments

Particularly in this region of the world, i.e. Asia, where round-the-clock business and high-intensity work loads are taking their daily toll, going to a spa on a regular basis is part of a health-oriented way of life. The fact that having a spa feels great too is a welcome bonus :)

What are the spa benefits? Everyone knows the woozy, yet rejuvenated sensation after a good massage. Your mind and body feel totally relaxed and utterly alert at the same time. You feel refreshed and you're ready to take on life's challenges anew.

Tioman Spa
Tioman Wellness Resorts

All qualified spa therapists will also tell also you that a therapeutic massage improves circulation, whilst also enhancing detoxification.

Skilful kneading of muscle bellies and other strategic areas can help the body expel unwanted metabolic waste products, which, in turn, reduces fluid retention, giving you that little bounce in your step.

More specifically, as facial blood circulation and drainage play a large part in a person's appearance, you'll find having a facial treatment very rewarding.

Tioman Spa - Look good, feel good
Tioman Spa - Look good, feel good

As a matter of fact, a facial massage, especially in combination with a delicate exfoliating treatment, usually results in a generally much fresher and much younger appearance.

The reasons for this are improved skin tone and an all-round healthful glow. A lazy 20 minute session in Tioman's soothing sun then completes that plump radiant look.

Other possible spa benefits include improved posture, longer sleeping hours and a general feeling of vitality.

Tioman Spa - Rebalance your Zen
Tioman Spa - Rebalance your Zen

There are several spa retreats in Tioman and each will have you come away fresh and fruity after your treatment. However, there is one Tioman spa retreat in particular, that has to be felt to be believed. The spa at this retreat is the ultimate spa experience.

If you're not quite sure which Tioman spa retreat you should select for your Tioman get-away, then this website is quite useful. It has an overview of the seven main spa resorts in Tioman and gives specific details of each, along with each spa resort's specialities. Promotional spa packages are also available periodically.

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