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Tioman Snorkeling

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Snorkeling outings in Tioman are nothing short of spectacular expeditions for newbies and experienced swimmers, alike. Most snorkeling spots are sheltered from the open water and the elements, which means you'll always have peace of mind. But those who prefer to wear a buoyancy device are always welcome to use one, as they're free of charge.

Make friends underwater, all you need is a mask and a snorkel
Make friends underwater, all you
need is a mask and a snorkel

Since the currents will generally float you gently from one end of the coral garden to the other, there's no need to use your limbs for swimming too much, so there's no undue splashing or noise. This means that most of the small fish won't be alarmed, resulting in large schools of brightly colored fish for you to view from up close. Some of the fish even eat from your hands, a unique experience that kids especially will talk about for a long long time.

You won't believe your eyes
You won't believe your eyes

Underwater photographers keen to take snapshots of the flora and fauna in its natural state will be in awe by the great diversity of the marine wildlife in Tioman's water, both wide-angle and macro. Your pictures are sure to wow you relatives and friends back home.

Little fishes feeding from your hands!
Little fishes feeding from your hands!

If you'd like to have lunch on the canopy boat that takes you to your snorkeling location or on one of the many paradise beaches nearby, you can arrange for this too, so you can enjoy your meal as well as the memorable scenery surrounding you. Use below form.

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