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Tioman Scubadiving

Most everyone now knows that Tioman Island is blissfully surrounded by a sea featuring all shades of sparkly blue. But what a lot of travellers don't know yet, is that this gorgeously rainbowed sea is rich with amazing coral gardens and absolutely chockablock with a veritable wealth of marine life, simply awaiting to be explored and admired.

A school of juvenile barracuda near Renggis
A school of juvenile barracuda near Renggis

Best of all, by some quirk of currency fate, doing a PADI scuba dive course, is cheaper in Malaysia than in most other countries around the world. In fact, in under a few hours and for a mere RM200 (less than US$70) you can immerse yourself in the amazing sub-marine world and actually breathe underwater using scuba equipment like a seasoned scuba diver.

Manta rays drop by every so often
Manta rays drop by every so often

Now, should you, like most travellers, prefer to receive internationally recognized Scuba certification, you can opt for a PADI Open Water Diver course, by far the most popular dive program world! And who knows, you may well come face to face with the elusive whale shark. After al, these are known to visit Tioman during their migrations up and down the Malaysian coasts.

Tioman's magnificent underwater world
Tioman's magnificent underwater world

The PADI Open Water Diver course is your free pass to a lifetime of ultimate PADI adventures. PADI is the dive community that sets the gold standard in diving around the world. PADI courses in Tioman Island include full equipment, your own copy of the PADI Dive Manual, a lot of face-to-face instructor time and, yes, by the time you're done with the course, complete certification. So come mingle with our friendly underwater Tioman denizens. Get bubbly :)

Blissful Berjaya Resort

If you've decided to scuba dive during your holiday in Tioman, but you're not sure which Tioman beach is best, or which Scuba Centre offers the best experience, let us know with below form. We'll gladly send you some recommendations.

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