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Tioman Karaoke

If you're into belting out Whitney Houston's classics and other singalong favorites, then you're in luck when you're visiting Tioman. The massive perennial Karaoke wave of popularity that has been sweeping across Asia hasn't passed Tioman by either. In fact, there are quite a few Karaoke bars, or KTV lounges as they're sometimes known, on offer in the various Tioman villages.

Can't go wrong with a night of karaoke
Can't go wrong with a night of karaoke

Possibly the most professional Karaoke lounge is the Sri Lalang Karaoke Bar in Berjaya Resort, which is located in the village of Tekek. Other villages that host a karaoke bar of sorts are Genting (Damai Resort) and Paya (Paya Beach Resort) on the West Coast of Tioman. But there's a Karaoke lounge on Tioman the East Coast too. This karaoke lounge can be found in Juara Village, at the resort called Mutiara.

The charge for the various karaoke lounges ranges from no charge to just a handful of Ringgit. Most of the proprietors are quite happy to generate their profit from selling drinks and snacks.

Famous for a night in Tioman Island ;)
Famous for a night in Tioman Island :)

NOTE: The Malaysia Ringgit is at historic lows currently, so better book your Malaysia trip now, because you'll be able to snag extremely good resort deals!

Keep in mind, however, that the karaoke bars in Tioman tend not to be all-night affairs. Most will encourage you to give your vocal cords that undoubtedly well deserved rest by about midnight at the latest. Which is probably a relief for all resorts' early-bird guests looking forward to falling asleep to the medleys played by the waves on the beach and the wind in the trees. Everybody happy.

TiP: If you need information about ferry timetables and ferry ticket booking, just go to www.tiomanferry.com.

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