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Jungle Trekking in Tioman

Jungle trekking aficionados will have a blast in Tioman. After all, the island is pretty much covered by thick tropical rain forest. In fact, Tioman is a veritable trekkers' paradise. And because the area is dotted with quite a few rolling hills of varying steepness, it offers all kinds of challenges to newbies and hard-core trekkies too.

A quick moment to pose for memories
A quick moment to pose for memories

Make sure you also climb Gunung Kajang, which, at 1038 meters high, is quite an awesome challenge. But worry not, Tioman's' experienced guides always make sure that the pace is nice and suitable for everyone to keep up and enjoy the trek. Because that's what it's all about, the joy of being immersed by the tranquillity of all that nature has to offer, and of being one with your fellow trekkies in this evolutionary treasure of a jungle.

Apart from its diverse marine life, Tioman's inland rainforest area, encompassing approximately 12,383 hectares, is a strictly enforced nature reserve.

Another water-cooler tale in the making
Another water-cooler tale in the making

In fact, there are several protected species of mammals on the island, including the Binturong, Long-tailed Macaque, Slow Loris, Black Giant Squirrel, Red Giant Flying Squirrel, Mouse Deer, Brush-tailed Porcupine, and the Common Palm Civet.

Trekking up the steep slopes of Gunung Arong, a unique experience
Trekking up the steep slopes
of Gunung Kajang

Moreover, Tioman has quite a number of animal and plant species that are endemic to its shores. The soft-shelled turtle and the Tioman Walking Catfish are both unique but may well be spotted during rainforest walks.

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So never a dull moment in Tioman's pristine jungle. But don't forget to bring your mountain boots or sturdy sneakers, because you'll come across your fair share of fallen tree trunks, thorny tendrils, mossy boulders and slippery slopes. Let's face it, it wouldn't be fun without some serious obstacles to conquer.

Come and take the road less travelled. Explore the immense beauty of Tanjung Kajang, as you trek deep into this remote mountain rainforest still quite untouched by tourism. Use below form to go jungle trekking.

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