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Jetski Tioman - Freedom Redefined!

Cruise like the wind on one of our jetskis for hours at a time along the pristine pearly-white beaches of paradise island, Pulau Tioman. Bring along your snorkel gear and explore the countless patches of brightly-hued coral reefs that Tioman has on offer.

Jetski rider blasting away
Jetski rider blasting away

Experience your private little bounty beach, complete with coconut trees waving in the breeze and gentle surf lapping at your feet. Enjoy the wide-open seas and breathtaking scenery at your own pace. Courtesy of the jetski that can take you anywhere you want, any time you want.

In fact, why not stop for a while and go for a refreshing swim or snorkel in our crystal-clear waters? You can even coax the friendly little reef denizens to feed from your hands.

Exploring remote beaches on a jetski
Exploring remote beaches on a jetski

Book your jetski for an hour or a few hours, or even half a day. You'll find that once you've been blasting along our mostly calm and turquoise-colored sea, you'll be hooked - nothing beats that unmistakable feeling of exhilarating speed, wind in your hair, unlimited freedom.

Wanna have a blast? Use below form to reserve your jetski.
Please note, wearing a life-jacket, provided free of charge, is compulsory while riding a jetski.

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Tiket Feri Tioman

Feri Tioman

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    Mengapa tempah secara atas talian?Tiada had bagasi dan tiada bayaran tambahan bagasi.
    Mengapa tempah secara atas talian?Pantas dan selamat.
    Mengapa tempah secara atas talian?Tiket fleksibel.
    Mengapa tempah secara atas talian?Bantuan telefon meja secara percuma.
    Mengapa tempah secara atas talian?Tempah seawal yang anda mahu. Tempahan anda dijamin.
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