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Tioman Golf

If the idea of an idyllic island beach holiday combined with a challenging round of golf meets your fancy, then you'll love Tioman. Located within the Berjaya Resort grounds, you'll find a spiffy 18-hole hole golf course that is just the ticket for those afflicted with the golf bug.

The, initially nine-hole, course, coined "The Seaview Course", was designed by Ronald Freamis in 1989. Soon thereafter, in 1992, the second nine-hole course "The Hillview Course", was added by Michael Coate.

Fore! Going for a round of golf in Tioman
Fore! Going for a round of golf in Tioman

The resulting par 71 course is perfectly situated; with a number of holes adjacent to the azure-colored waters of the South China Sea and plenty of jungle panoramas, this golf course will not only give you a run for your money, but will also stop you dead in your tracks here and there, just so you can drink in its spectacular visuals.

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Play-wise, once you've made it past the tight fairways, be prepared to face bunkers, boulders, coconut palms, water traps, streams and ponds, all of which are naturally peppered amongst the mixed bermuda and cow grass grounds.

Tioman golf: challenging holes and spectacular panoramas
Tioman golf: challenging holes
and spectacular panoramas

For your après-golf information, the Tioman Island Golf Club 19th hole overlooks both the sea and the golf course. It offers restaurants, a lounge, a bar and rooms for various indoor games and leisure activities.

  Tioman Golf Course Details
No. of holes: 1 x 18 holes
Description: Blue Tee: 6058 yards, Par 71
White Tee: 5558 yards, Par 71
Red Tee: 4891 yards, Par 71
Opened: 1989
Course Designer: First Nine (Seaview):
Course Designer: 2nd Nine (Hillview):
Ronald Fream
Michael Coate
Type of course: Buggy and walking course
Fairways grass: Mixed Bermuda and Cow grass
Greens: Tifdwarf
Distance measured in: Yards to the centre of the green
Distance markers: Available

Opening hours: 7.15am - 7.30pm daily.
Dress code: Regular golfing attire.
Green fee: Please enquire.
Please note: Shoes, Clubs, Golf bag, Golf cart and caddies are all available for rent

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