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Tioman Geocaching

First of all, for the benefit of the uninitiated, let's shed some light on the activity of geocaching. Geocaching is an outdoor treasure-hunting game using a GPS device. The objective is to follow a pre-specified set of global GPS coordinates in order to locate and then retrieve the actual geocache (usually a container of sorts) that was previously hidden at that precise location by another party. The object found is then once again hidden by the finder or replaced by another object of similar or greater value.

Now then, if you're keen to find out what geocache can be found on Tioman, you'll need to firstly make your way to Tioman of course. Just book your ferry and then disembark at the ABC ("Air Batang Chalet") jetty. Walk up to the northern part of the beach, for instance, to Bamboo Hill.

To get to the cache, find the jungle-track to that leads to "Teluk Berus". As the tree canopies on route there can get pretty thick, be careful your GPS doesn't drop the signal for too long. The other thing to watch out for is the monkeys, because they can be a little cheeky at times. The same cannot be said of the monitor lizards that you're likely to come across. Don't worry too much about them, because these overgrown geckos are more scared of you than vice versa. Just don't walk into one dozing in the undergrowth. Making stomping noises while you walk is a good idea, as it will also alert any napping snakes.

Ok, as soon as you've arrived at the given coordinates, look around for a wooden sign that has a foreign-looking language inscribed on it. The language is Dutch and the sign was left behind by the Dutch TV-crew that recorded a Survival-type show called "Expedition Robinson" a few years ago. Behind the sign, you'll find a big rock that gives shelter to the cache. The rest you'll have to figure out yourself :)

One more thing: If you can't find the cache, or if you do find the cache but it's seriously damaged, please contact Wiebe at geocaching.com.

Hint: Teluk Berus' is the Malay name for "Monkey Beach", one of the beaches on Tioman. The track to Monkey Beach starts at the northern end of ABC. Just walk all the way to Bamboo Hill and follow the signs to Monkey Beach. Since the wooden sign may have disintegrated, given the influence of time and weather, keep an eye out for a big rock near a clutch of a few smaller rocks protecting the cache from being nabbed by them cheeky monkeys.

If you need information about ferry timetables and ticket booking, just go to www.tiomanferry.com.

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