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Tioman offers a number of spectacular beaches that are ideal for leisurely strolls as well as energetic heavy-hands power walks.

Take, for instance, the long beach between Tekek and Paya. Its private location makes it perfect for long uninterrupted walks. For entertainment, you'll see plenty of monkeys foraging around amongst the tree line and you'll also likely see various fish species dart in and out in the crystal clear shallows.

Beach-walking along Tioman's untouched beaches
Long beaches, soft sand, ideal for beach walks

To get there, make your way to Selesa Condotel and then walk down the sandy track behind the hotel. You won't be able to see a lot of beach from this point for the dense vegetation, but just keep going, because the beach will come into view after about 10 minutes of walking down the track. By the way, this walk down to the beach is quite enjoyable in its own right too.

If you're a pro and used to long walks, then head for the beach in Kampong Juara. This beach has earned a very respectable 21st place in Time Magazine's World's 100 Best Beaches list. And you'll quickly see why: Juara beach is pristine, offers lush greenery and beautiful coral gardens.

Beach-walking along Tioman's untouched beaches
Holiday beaches with people around....

Juara is less populated and is great for those looking for some seclusion and peace. In addition, Juara is one of the several major landing spots for nesting sea turtles, so be sure to look out for them while you're having your beach walk.

There are other beaches that are great for walks, but what better ways to find out than to explore yourself.

Beach-walking along Tioman's untouched beaches
Secluded beaches for that special
Robinson Crusoe feeling

If you'd like a heads-up on where the best beaches can be found in Tioman, let us know below.

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