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Tioman's off-shore waters are renown by anglers, local and foreign alike, for their abundance of fun and trophy fish. Both pelagics and bottom dwellers fish still occur in serious numbers here because sea angling has not yet taken off on any sort of scale in Malaysia. What's more, most fish you catch here are excellent table fish too.

Catch of the day!
Catch of the day!

When you go out chasing fish in these waters, expect to catch mackerel, dorado, barracuda, tuna, golden trevally, wahoo, sharks, queenfish, cobia, snapper and various types of grouper.

Best of all, since we're at least a few miles off the coast, apart from these more ubiquitous species, you may just hit piscatorial jackpot and hook into a sailfish or even a marlin! After all, the Rompin area, internationally highly regarded sailfish territory, is a mere few dozen miles away.

This hefty mackerel put up a major fight
This hefty mackerel put up a major fight

Most fishing boats you go on from Tioman are equipped for a wide range of fishing outings. And generally, your boatman will have you in the thick of the action in a hurry. N.B. Please note that the immediate area around Tioman is a no-fishing zone. In light of this, we'll be taking you at least 2 miles off-shore.

With deep-sea angling off Tioman still in its infancy, opportunities to land that big one are very real. Whether you're a serious angler or just a fun weekend fisherman, Tioman's teeming fishing grounds offer lots of excitement and lots of good eating.

BBQ seafood on the menu tonight
BBQ seafood on the menu tonight

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