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Always wanted to go to Tioman? And keen to get your PADI Open Water certification? Then this National Day/Hari Raya Puasa, you'll get your biggest bang for your holiday buck.

For a limited time only, we're offering a complete all-in package consisting of your Mersing to Tioman round-trip ferry tickets, a full PADI Open Water course, as well as a full-on air-conditioned room just a stone's throw away from the beach. All of this will cost you just RM1580 or Euro 395.

Scuba diving adventures are made here
Scuba diving adventures are made here

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Your accommodation is a 3 night/4 day stay in our resort in either Tekek Village, ABC or Salang (your choice). In other words, with this package you won't only have a ton of fun in the sun, but you'll also feel right at home.

Manta rays drop by every so often
Manta rays drop by every so often

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Best of all, at the end of it all, you'll be a fully qualified Open Water diver, ready to dive at all the Tioman scuba hot-spots, including Coral Island, Pulau Renggis and Tiger Reef, as well as other dive sites world-wide.

Tioman's magnificent underwater world
Tioman's magnificent underwater world

Your PADI course includes:

- 4 days theory and practical lessons, both indoors and in confined water conditions
- All required scuba equipment and wetsuit
- Your personal PADI manual
- Transport to and from the various dive locations
- 6 leisure dives
- Your personal PADI registration card

About our dive operations:

Our various dive team members speak Malay, English, German, Norwegian, Swedish, as well as Danish. Obviously, effective communication is an important consideration.

A school of juvenile barracuda near Renggis
A school of juvenile barracuda near Renggis

We offer a full range of equipment for rental, including full sets in varying sizes including BCD, regulators, wetsuits, masks & snorkels, as well as fins. Weights and weight-belts are included in the price too.

We have 75 aluminium tanks with current hydrostatic test dates, including some smaller tanks for ladies and children. All our equipment is well maintained and regularly serviced. In addition, we also own our own compressors. And our filters are changed regularly to ensure you breathe nothing but the cleanest air.

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Tiket Feri Tioman

Feri Tioman

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    Mengapa tempah secara atas talian?Pembekal tiket feri Tioman yang rasmi.
    Mengapa tempah secara atas talian?Bayar menggunakan kad kredit atau Paypal - pilihan anda.
    Mengapa tempah secara atas talian?Pengesahan tempat duduk anda secara pantas.
    Mengapa tempah secara atas talian?Tiada kos terselindung.
    Mengapa tempah secara atas talian?Tiada had bagasi dan tiada bayaran tambahan bagasi.
    Mengapa tempah secara atas talian?Pantas dan selamat.
    Mengapa tempah secara atas talian?Tiket fleksibel.
    Mengapa tempah secara atas talian?Bantuan telefon meja secara percuma.
    Mengapa tempah secara atas talian?Tempah seawal yang anda mahu. Tempahan anda dijamin.
    Mengapa tempah secara atas talian?Kami diluluskan dan disahkan oleh PayPal sepenuhnya.
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