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Rent a bicycle in Tioman

Who wouldn't want to ride a bicycle along gorgeous beaches, through untouched jungle and around a traditional Malay fishing village? Riding your bicycle by Tioman's countless attractions and natural beauty is sheer joy, a simple pleasure that will make your day.

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You can stop and get off your bicycle any time you like to have a closer look at something that meets your fancy. Best of all, you can go to places that are too far to go to on foot and follow tracks too narrow to go by car. In essence, Tioman is your oyster.

Tip: bring a hamper with some sandwiches and a thermos for a picnic at one of Tioman's breathtaking locations, just you and your partner. How awesome would that be?

You can rent bicycles in Tekek Village, which is Tioman's main village, also known as a "kampong" in Malay. The area offers plenty of paved roads and tracks that you can ride on.

The rent-a-bicycles come in various types and sizes, so just pick one that's comfy for you. If you like, you can adjust the height of the seat and handlebar to customize them to your preference. The cost of renting a bicycle is just RM 10 er hour - a right steal.

So what you're waiting for? On yer bike!

If you want to rent a bicycle while you're in Tioman, use this form to secure one for you and your friends.

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