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Insurans Perjalanan di Malaysia


So you're going to Tioman Island and you're not sure if you should take out travel insurance? In fact, is travel Insurance really needed?

Just fill out below form and get an instant travel insurance quote.
You can then buy your travel insurance online, safely and securely.

World Nomads are endorsed by Lonely Planet, and Rough Guides.

This section tries to give you an honest and comprehensive review i.e. the main reasons for and against taking out travel insurance. This way, you can make your own informed decision on whether travel insurance really is something you want and need on your upcoming Tioman trip.

Reasons for travel insurance

Travel insurance covers a range of unfortunate events. The main reasons why people take travel insurance are:
  1. To cover any medical expenses in the event of accidents, sickness and/or injuries. This will take any money trouble right out of the equation, because most good travel insurance companies will cover and settle your medical bills directly with the hospital or clinic concerned.
  2. You have access to an emergency contact number that you can call in your travel country any time there is an issue that you need assistance with.
  3. Travel insurance covers a whole range of adventure sports and activities, such as rock-climbing, stand up paddling, scuba diving, jungle trekking etc. that may or may not be covered by your regular home insurance. Make sure you read exactly what is covered and what isn't before you go on your kite-boarding trip and take out additional insurance if the activity you're going to do on your trip isn't covered by your home insurance.
  4. Extra benefits, such as rescue evacuation, home repatriation home or a friend to accompany you while you're staying in hospital.
  5. Your travel insurance may well cover for your travel expenses if and when you need to cancel your trip, for instance because you (or a close relative) falls seriously sick. Do read your travel company's policy terms, because policies differ from travel insurance company to travel insurance company.
  6. To cover for expenses due to missed flights, connections and/or and travel delays.
  7. Reimbursement in event of theft or loss of baggage, personal items and/or cash. Please note that there is a cap on most of these items.
So plenty of reasons to take out travel insurance. Why even think about taking travel insurance then?

Reasons against travel insurance

In many cases, you'll find that any medical bills while on your trip may actually be covered by your health insurance back home. To make sure you know where you stand, call your home health insurance agent. It's also a good idea to ask him or her what activities your trip will include are covered. For instance, will you be scuba-diving, jungle-trekking, paddle-boarding, kite-surfing or riding a motorbike?

While you're on the phone with your travel insurance company, ask them how your claim will be processed. It's quite possible that you may have to pay cash in advance at the medical facility abroad, after which you'll get reimbursed; that is, once all necessary and oftentimes time-consuming paperwork has been exchanged. If you prefer the easier way, then opt for travel insurance.

Coverage for trip cancellations, delays and loss of personal items is nice to have. But ask yourself if you really do need it? All of these benefits come at a price. because, generally, you'll find that travel insurance tends to be offered as a package, regardless of whether you have to cancel your trip or that any of your belongings will be lost or stolen. And, indeed, regardless of how valuable your belongings are.

Choosing the right travel insurance

If you decide to take out travel insurance, we recommend World Nomads. Why?
  1. They offer tailor-made travel insurance services for backpackers and independent travelers.
  2. They cover a number of adventure activities that others don't.
  3. Their travel insurance is available for all countries.
  4. You can buy and extend online, even whilst on your trip!
  5. If something happens, you can claim online, even whilst on trip.

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